Friday, April 19, 2013

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A Crest Book, Fourth printing, March 1961

"First came the treadmill desk, allowing runners to work and work out at the same time. Though it seemed to be a multitasker's dream, one problem remained: reading while running.
     'Not many people can run and read at the same time,' Dr. Ji Soo Yi, an assistant professor of industrial engineering at Purdue University, said in a written statement. 'This is because the relative location of the eyes to the text is vigorously changing, and our eyes try to constantly adjust to such changes, which is burdensome.'
     So Yi and a team of researchers came up with ReadingMate, a device that monitors the motion of a runner's head and then adjusts text on a monitor to counteract that movement. As a result, the text appears still."
— Jacqueline Howard, Huffington Post
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