Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Come and be read to... Erin Bow

"Having written, published, and even won a CBC Canadian Literary Award for your poetry, you definitely have a poetic voice. Had you always intended to write a prose novel or did the inspiration for the tale suggest the current form to you?"
Erin Bow:
"Plain Kate bubbled away at the back of my mind for a long time before I started it, with a great bang and rush. The first thing I wrote down was the first sentence: 'A long time ago, in a market town by a looping river, there lived an orphan girl called Plain Kate.' So the fairy-tale tone and the prose form were set from the first minute."
YA Book Shelf

"[...] Don’t be fooled by Plain Kate’s youth: This is full of blood magic and unhappy people doing unpleasant things, but there's lots of heart and redemption, too. A haunting, chilling (but never gory or graphic) tale with a fantastic girl at its center."
Kirkus Reviews

More about Plain Kate from readers:

"Erin Bow's prose is simple but it's more than that. I can't describe it as anything else but magic. The emotion that's weaved into her words is so powerful I almost broke out into a flood of tears when I came to a certain part of the story. Only I didn't because I was in a crowded bus and didn't want people to give me strange looks. My heart was shattered and if an author can affect me with only her words, you know she's done something very right and deserves high praise."
— Kkrystle Yanagihara, Good Reads

"[...]There is nothing that prepares you for what’s inside. So you wander in, try a sentence. Or maybe two. Then before you know it, you have read a hundred pages and you simply must finish it because you have to know what happens in the end."
— Nafiza, Good Reads

Join us on Sunday May 27, 2012 to hear Erin Bow and five other outstanding Canadian authors read from their latest works. Sit back, relax... and be read to.

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