Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Books & Beer: The Finale (Yes, we are saying good-bye)

To friends and supporters of the Elora Writers Festival,

For twenty-five years, our annual literary festival has been a celebration of books, writers and readers. We’ve hosted hundreds of Canadian authors, listened to them read, schmoozed with them over hors d’oeuvres – or complete gourmet dinners, in the early days at The Drew House – and supported them by buying books at our on-site bookstore.

Our guests have been introduced to some of the newest voices on the Canadian literary scene and also had a chance to renew friendships with some of their favourites, who have returned to share new books and create new fans.

But, the arts landscape is an uncertain place, and after twenty-five years, the Elora Writers Festival has decided to take a break. It was a tough decision, but necessary, and here’s why.

Sponsorship is dwindling, grant support is unreliable, ticket sales are unpredictable and the costs associated with hosting the event have led the organizing committee – all volunteers – to acknowledge that financial viability is out of reach. That’s not fair to our authors, and it’s not fair to the arts community, which has worked to support us in the past.

So, you’re invited to help us celebrate one more time!

The Elora Writers Festival is wrapping up its 25-year run with one last literary bash – Books & Beer: The Finale, to be held on Tuesday, February 26, 7-9 p.m., in the Irvine Room, the lower ballroom area at The Granary, part of the newly refurbished Elora Mill in Elora. (Ticket info coming soon!)

Terry Fallis, probably our most popular author-presenter ever, will join us to help with the books part of the festivities. Wellington Brewery joins us once again to look after the beer part. (A few surprise guests are also in the plans, so stay tuned!) We’ll have archival material to share as we look back over the history of the little festival that began 25 years ago as Words By The Water in Elora and wrapped up last June at the Wellington County Museum and Archives in Aboyne.

Wellington County has a thriving arts community, including another very successful literary event – our “cousins” over at the Eden Mills Writers Festival. We know that even though our little festival is going for a rest, fans of great Canadian writing will continue to support authors and artists through the many events and organizations in our community.

See you on Tuesday, February 26, 7-9 p.m., at the Irvine Room, The Granary (Elora Mill) for Books & Beer: The Finale!