Saturday, April 6, 2013

Speculative Non-Fiction: Every writer should get one of these…

Anti-Drone Hoodie reflects body heat (infrared).  From: Huffington Post

"A New York City artist is taking utilitarian fashion to a sky-high level.
     Adam Harvey, who specializes in 'wearable technology,' has developed a clothing line that won't make the feds too happy. The Stealth Wear collection features items that cloak the wearer from being spotted by unmanned aircrafts. Behold the anti-drone hoodie […]
     According to Harvey's website, the collection includes hoodies, hijabs, and burqas made with metallized fibers that reflect heat, thus evading the thermal imaging technology used by drones. The garments were created in collaboration with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield and highlight Harvey's own anti-authoritarian leanings and qualms about the unbridled use of drones."
— Kavitha A. Davidson, Huffington Post
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"Three years after Mexico accepted United Nations (UN) recommendations for combating violence against journalists and eradicating impunity for human rights violations, 'the rate at which journalists are being attacked and killed in the country continues to spiral,' PEN International warned on March 7, 2013 during a submission to the UN’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. PEN called government initiatives to stem the violence since the 2009 review 'largely cosmetic.' A PEN delegation will visit Mexico in mid-March to press for further action on dozens of unsolved killings and disappearances of journalists and writers."
PEN International

"Last fall, the federal government laid out plans to the defence industry for a $500 million program that could potentially see the first long-range, high-tech drone delivered by early 2012.
     The [Canadian] air force envisions rolling out JUSTAS [Joint Unmanned aerial vehicles Surveillance and Target Acquisition System] in stages, with UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] for overseas operations coming first, followed by domestic drones, including ones to patrol the country's three coastlines."
— Murray Brewster, The Star

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