Thursday, April 25, 2013

Out Front

From: The Museum of Bad Covers

Book cover design causes much heated debate. We all know what works and what doesn't but getting the desired result is something of an inexact science. […]
     One thing's for sure, bad design is something that's as obvious as the proverbial donkey's dangly bits. And in this day and age of indie and self-publishing just because you can create your own, doesn't mean you should.

PUSHER: We all know a good cover when we see one, and a bad one, before we talk about what makes a good one - what makes a bad one for you?

JIM DIVINE [veteran book-cover designer]: A bad cover to me is something that simply does not do the material inside justice. if it's a bad book then in my opinion, it deserves a bad cover. Generally bad covers are produced because the designers producing them either don't get what the book's about or don't care."
Tony Black's Pulp Pusher
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