Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blood, "Globules of Liquid Lava" and Tears

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"Amanda McKittrick Ros predicted she would achieve lasting fame as a novelist. Unfortunately, she did.
     There has never been a shortage of bad writers. Almost anyone can bang out an atrocious book, but to achieve fame and adulation for it takes a certain kind of genius.
     In this literary sub-genre, Irish writer Amanda McKittrick Ros reigns supreme. 'Uniquely dreadful,' proclaims the Oxford Companion to Irish Literature. 'The greatest bad writer who ever lived,' says author Nick Page.
     Ros, who died in 1939, abused (some would say, tortured) the English language in three novels and dozens of poems. She refers to eyes as 'globes of glare,' legs as 'bony supports,' pants as a 'southern necessary,' sweat as 'globules of liquid lava' and alcohol as the 'powerful monster of mangled might.' The Oxford literary group 'The Inklings,' which included C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, held competitions to see who could read her work aloud longest while keeping a straight face."
— Miles Corwin, The Smithsonian
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