Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's a jungle out there: Part 2

From: Wikimedia Commons via Great Writers Inspire

"On Thursday, Otis Chandler, the CEO of Goodreads, cheerily posted, 'Today I’m really happy to announce a new milestone for Goodreads. We are joining the Amazon family. We truly could not think of a more perfect partner for Goodreads as we both share a love of books and an appreciation for the authors who write them.'
     Many of the 16 million Goodreads users probably thought of different analogies than 'joining the family.' How about 'being swallowed by an anaconda after being squeezed to death'? Or my initial response on Twitter: '"Joins" Ha. Ha. Good one. Like Poland "joined" The Third Reich.'
     [...] In just five years Goodreads has grown into the largest outlet for armchair reviewers and readers to share their opinions, as well as a safe space for author-reader interactions. Most members saw Goodreads as an unbiased haven for books, a place where they could profess their bookish love free from the ugly noise of commerce.'"
— Rob Spillman, Salon
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