Saturday, July 20, 2013

"We gotta get out of this place." — The Animals

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"The world of Narnia faces evil-doer but smart Lucy is here. But she as any woman wishes to be attractive everywhere, doesn't she? So, try our free download game Narnia 3 Dress Up Game and make different images for this perfect girl. Narnia 3 is famous for its gorges [sic] graphics and picturesque backgrounds. Narnia 3 Dress Up Game has the same mouthwatering artwork and thrilling backgrounds.
     Dress up the main heroine for the memorable fight! Her wardrobe is full of nice dresses for such outstanding events."
AOL Soft

 "The only people who hate escapism are jailers, said the essayist and Narnia author C S Lewis. A generation later, the fantasy writer Michael Moorcock revised the quip: jailers love escapism — it’s escape they can’t stand. Today, in the early years of the 21st century, escapism — the act of withdrawing from the pressures of the real world into fantasy worlds — has taken on a scale and scope quite beyond anything Lewis might have envisioned….
     As the technology of escape continues to accelerate, we’ve begun to see an eruption of fantasy into reality. The augmented reality of Google Glass, and the virtual reality of the games headset Oculus Rift (resurrected by the power of crowd-funding) present the very real possibility that our digital fantasy worlds might soon be blended with our physical world, enhancing but also distorting our sense of reality. When we can replace our own reflection in the mirror with an image of digitally perfected beauty, how will we tolerate any return to the real? Perhaps, in the end, we will find ourselves, not desperate to escape into fantasy, but desperate to escape from fantasy. Or simply unable to tell which is which."
— Damien Walter, aeon
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