Wednesday, July 3, 2013

UPPER HAND; lower hand

A sample of Lewis Carroll's handwriting
(from: Wikimedia Commons)

"Like millions of other people who have spent the better part of the past decade tapping at a keyboard, swiping various screens, and staring into a monitor of one kind or another, my handwriting has slowly mutated into a vaguely familiar assemblage of sticks and circles that, on a good day, might be able to pass for a third grader's. And cursive? You'd be better off asking me to blindly draw a series of puzzling loops, not unlike the John Hancock of a certain Treasury secretary nominee. 'Let's face it: Cultivating fine handwriting is now an indulgence, a hobby for the minded, like knitting, or decoupage,' argues Julia Turner at Slate. 'Our children must learn to write in school — but they probably don't need to write that well.'
     There's evidence, however, that writing the old-fashioned way is really good for us. Here, in no particular order, are four ways handwriting is still helpful:"
— Chris Gayomali, The Week
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