Monday, July 8, 2013


"Most of us have dreams of glory, imagining those 15 minutes when everybody who’s anybody knows who we are and what we’re famous for. Writers are particularly susceptible to this fantasy. And now that the Internet spreads the news even before it happens, our pirouette in the spotlight seems closer than ever.
     Crusty, reclusive Amy Gallup had an early brush with success, but her last book was published 30 years ago. As far as she’s concerned, her career is over — except it isn’t. Trotting out to the garden with an unwieldy Norfolk pine, she’s about to be famous again.
     Jincy Willett, who let a thin woman and her fat twin flirt with renown in her lively first novel, Winner of the National Book Award, drops Amy back into the fray in her new literary satire."
— Kit Reed, The New York Times
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