Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"... a world that never stops lustering"

MacBook Air "Suprem Fire" Edition: $360,648.00
(from: Elite Choice)
For you all you blocked writers out there, desperate for something to break the logjam, here's a setting for you: made to order, and full of tangential impressions of the creatures who inhabit it.

"For some, the relentless tyranny of luxury rolls on from business class lounge to hotel lobby via restaurant interior and beachside condo. A continuous experience of glistening surfaces, with the spaces in between plugged with walnut-dashed limos.
     These are the weird scenes inside the goldmine of a world that never stops lustering, glistening and shimmering. A world made up of a continuous interior space polished entirely smooth. Each hermetic bubble annexed to another equally high spec bubble. Exterior-less, with no threshold to the un-luxe world the rest of us live in.
     This is the world described in the Robb Report, the self proclaimed 'global luxury resource,' which has just released what it calls its 2013 Luxury Portfolio….
     If we are to believe that a Robb Report world actually exists, it might like to read an edit of American Psycho containing extended descriptions of embossed Silian Rail on business cards. Or Fifty Shades of Grey minus the sex, with page after page in which Anastasia goes wild over the technical specifications of Christian's latest gift…"
— Sam Jacob, dezeen magazine
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