Friday, June 7, 2013

A Thousand Years in Five Minutes

Here's a wonderful little "Typography Primer" for all you budding graphic designers and writers out there. Those odd font names are more than just branding; they're signposts along our technological journey out of the Dark Ages.

"Dissatisfied with other typography tutorials out there, Ben Barrett-Forrest created his own take on the history of typography through a stop-motion animation, telling the beginning of type tracing back from Johannes Gutenburg, the grandfather of printed type until the creation of modern typefaces today. Aside from the mouthful of information you get in five minutes, Ben’s awesome animation of cut-out letters makes it not just your ordinary video tutorial."

Thanks go out to Victoria Gaitskell and John Negru, my all-time favorite typesetter, for alerting me to this video.

Check out Victoria's Printing Blog here...

and find out more about John Negru here...

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