Friday, June 14, 2013

"Because your beauty seduced you, and made of you a prankster. Because the prankster always goes too far, that is the essence of prank." — Joyce Carol Oates

Peter Manso's
Brando: The Biography (1994)

Because you suffocated your beauty in fat.
Because you made of our adoration, mockery.
Because you were the predator male, without remorse.

Because you were the greatest of our actors, and you threw away greatness like trash.
Because you could not take seriously what others took as their lives.
Because in this you made mockery of our lives […]
— Joyce Carol Oates, Port

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"The phrase 'beyond words' does not roll lightly from the lips of Joyce Carol Oates. In fact, it lands on the table between us like a brick.
     This is not because the expression, which the 74-year-old author has just used to describe the experience of coming to terms with her late husband Raymond Smith’s sudden death in 2008, is insincere. It’s because if anyone knows about words, if anyone has generated an incredible number of them, it’s the wraithlike woman who now sits in front of me, solemnly sipping from a large cup of herbal tea.
     Oates is the legendarily prolific author of more than 50 books of fiction, non-fiction and now memoir. For her to describe anything as beyond words is, well, beyond comprehension."
— Jeff Pevere, The Star
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