Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Medium, Well-done

"Claire Mulligan’s latest novel, The Dark, is that rare animal, scarcely seen: a story so compelling it feels destined for bestseller-dom, yet rendered in a style that brings to mind the ever-vivid, perspicacious (and hilarious) Flannery O’Connor. Style meet content; content meet style – Mulligan’s novel has it all. A historical novel that dramatizes the Spiritualist movement from infancy to heyday, The Dark brings to life the Fox Sisters – Leah, Maggie and Katie – who, in the 19th century, duped the English-speaking world into believing that they could raise the dead."
— Marjorie Celona, The Globe and Mail
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"Mulligan, whose first novel, The Reckoning of Boston Jim, was longlisted for the 2007 Giller Prize, is less interested in the plausibility of the Fox sisters’ claims, focusing instead on their social and personal ramifications. She cleverly uses Margaret as a pivot between Leah’s authoritarian salesmanship and Kate’s naive complicity. As the narrative tracks their lives through the decades, the siblings come together and splinter apart in believable, often tragic ways."
Quill & Quire
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