Thursday, September 12, 2013

This guy needs his own Ace Double… both sides of it.

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"'But it's the globalists here running my life, that's why they're my front-and-center problem,' [fringe conservative radio host Alex Jones] said. 'Because they are the biggest, most organized, eugenics-based, scientific dictatorship, trans-humanists at the top that plan the extinction of almost everybody and a new species to rise up or humans merged with machines.'
     'That's their religion, and no one's discussing that,' Jones added. 'Everyone is going to be deindustrialized, everyone is going to be put back into the Stone Age and controlled. And Obama and the globalists and the robber barons, they're going to fly around in their jetcopters and their Air Forces Ones and their red carpets, like gods above us. And they're going to get the life-extension technologies.'"
Crooks and Liars

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