Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ever wonder

"It’s 2068 and Adam Leith Gollner, who half a century ago wrote a bestselling book about fruit hunters, is at a cocktail party where the drinks are resveratrol shakes and the chatter is about memory uploading, genitalia’s new-found obsolescence and stem-cell injections that will allow injured laggards to finish an ultramarathon of the circumference of the moon. […]
     In the course of the book, Gollner visits a former professor, a Jesuit (now suffering from Alzheimer’s – and a stark example, perhaps, of why people become interested in life extension); goes hunting for David Copperfield’s fountain of youth; travels to Esalen, where a psychologist warns him about becoming 'caterpillar soup' on a vision quest; visits a cryogenics lab and meets the proprietor, a man who, within seconds of his wife’s death, began operating on her to prepare her for freezing; and so very much more."
— Lisan Jutras, The Globe and Mail
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