Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I sleep, therefore I am...

From: Bizrice

"If I put my literary specs on and do a little free-association, what I see in these two figures is a Proustian thing, characters in search of time, freezing time, preserving it. Time, and everything else, everything that can be associated with a human experience captured and recaptured, recirculated, resuscitated, replayed, re-envisioned, remembered, recognized, over and over again. Kind of like a memory hell, in a way, only in Proust's hands it all sounds and tastes so beautiful.
     Another peek without those wicked nega-specs and I see two robots from a pulsing Disney film, actions in search of characters--the possibilities are endless, particularly if you develop a little narrative. The real story of what is happening here is complex version of a simpler solution.
     And the key to it all: hypoxia."
Ptak Science Books
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"But no matter what maybe the cause, there is no insomnia that modern alternative medicine like hyperbaric oxygen treatment can not cure. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment with its pressurized 100% oxygen has already been proven to cure insomnia. And what’s more better about it is that you can buy or rent your own hyperbaric chamber so there would be no need to go to a hospital to get the treatment."
Sleep Apnea Facts
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"A lot of famous people are recorded as having suffered from insomnia. Sir Isaac Newton suffered from depression and had difficulty sleeping. Winston Churchill had two beds because if he couldn’t sleep in one, he would try the other. Thomas Edison, like my father, was a cat-napper, because he couldn’t sleep at night. Some insomniacs turned to drugs. Marcel Proust and Marilyn Monroe took barbiturates to help them sleep. English writer, Evelyn Waugh, took bromides to induce sleep. As we know, Michael Jackson died because of a lethal cocktail of medications to help him sleep, including propofal, used for sedation before surgeries, lorazepam, used for anxiety, and a host of other meds, including midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine. He was obviously so desperate to sleep that he was willing to try them all."
Mindy's Muses
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