Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"... a sweet ride"

"Toronto-based thriller writer Linwood Barclay has many admirers, including such superstars as Michael Connelly, Peter Robinson, Robert Crais and Stephen King, who provided a fulsome blurb for Trust Your Eyes, Barclay’s previous novel, in which he says, among other complimentary things, 'My idea of a sweet ride is three days of rain, a fridge full of snacks, and a new Linwood Barclay.' […]
     In A Tap on the Window, Barclay takes us through low-level drug-dealing, young love, teenage disaffection, corrupt cops, petty thievery, family dysfunction and deeply buried secrets. And, incredibly, to a dark conclusion that ties it all together into a tidy, believable package without even a hint of sentiment.”
— Jack Kirchhoff, The Globe and Mail
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