Monday, August 19, 2013

a little romance

From: Cover Browser

I hope cover artist E. M. Jackson (The Saturday Evening Post, April 4, 1931) got some recognition, if not money, for this image when it was turned into the now iconic Harlequin logo.
     It is probably no coincidence that Jack Palmer, head of Canadian distribution for The Saturday Evening Post, was one of the founders of Harlequin Books in May of 1949.

"[August 15, 2013] Harlequin, the publisher with a name that is almost synonymous with romance novels, is releasing a host of new e-book originals through several of its imprints over the next several months, with plans to further increase this initiative. No date is set yet for the books to appear in print.
     'We’re thrilled to further expand our reach in the digital space,' Loriana Sacilotto, executive vice president of global editorial at Harlequin, told Publishers Weekly. 'In a retail environment that’s increasingly challenging for new and emerging authors, digital publication and promotion allows us to continue to encourage author discovery and growth, bring books to market more quickly, [and] leverage popular digital trends.'
     The new program will include the launch of Harlequin-E, an imprint that will be devoted solely to works that are released first in digital format."
— Milly Driscoll, The Christion Science Monitor
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"[July 19, 2012] The relationship between novelists and romance-book publisher Harlequin Enterprises has soured over royalty fee contracts for electronic books.
     Three authors sued Toronto-based Harlequin Enterprises, the world’s largest publisher of romance novels, today in federal court in Manhattan, alleging the company has exploited a technicality in their contracts to pay them 21 percent less in royalties.
     At issue is whether Harlequin Enterprises, a unit of newspaper and book publisher Torstar Corp. (TS/B), is the publisher of the books, or whether it has licensed its Fribourg, Switzerland-based subsidiary, Harlequin Switzerland, to distribute the e-books, according to the complaint."
— Emily Grannis, Bloomberg Business Week
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