Friday, May 3, 2013

Fleshing It Out

"Since my fiction is usually about people, and I consider sex one of the more important and emotionally fascinating activities people undertake, sometimes I must run the gauntlet of writing a sex scene. The results vary, though I try to make a habit of not publishing the many occasions when things don't work. 'Don't worry,' I console myself, stroking my arm. 'It happens.'
     The truth is, I have never sat at my desk and thought, 'Today, I shall pen a mighty portrait of coitus!' No, these imaginative encounters seem to creep up on me in the first draft, sort of like when two people fall in love, or lust. One minute you're chatting away about the legacy of Robert Bork and the next you're trying to meld your bodies into one ecstatic pulsating organism."
— Sam Lipsyte, The New Republic
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"I like to work in adjectives related to my characters and story. So if the story is about Fire witches, the sex scenes will contain words such as searing, scorching, and fiery. If the male character is heavily dominant and dancing on the edge of violence (I swear, sometimes this is suuuuper sexy), describing his love making will include terms like pounding, hammering, invading, and piercing (metaphorically speaking, not with actual daggers–unless that’s the kind of erotic romance you’re writing). If he’s a nice guy, concerned with how his female feels, I’ll use terms like feather, graze, and drift. Getting the idea?"
Anya Breton's Blog
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