Saturday, May 25, 2013

From Gutenberg to Good-in-bed

"Women of the future will make the Moon a cleaner place
to live." From: Found in Mom's Basement

A little piece of speculation…
"A baby shot through the chest with a 3D printed gun made by her eleven-year-old brother was implanted with a splint that was custom-designed to match the baby’s tracheal tubes.
     Thanks to precise, digital imaging, the skills of CAD engineers and 3D printing, this baby's life was saved.
     The boy, now in custody, said that he'd read about the gun on his e-reader then downloaded it to the 3D printer in his local library."

"To make the implant, they first obtained a CT scan of Kaiba [Gionfriddo]’s trachea/broncus, then created a computer model of the splint based on that. They then used a laser-based 3D printer to convert that digital model into a physical object, made from a biopolymer known as polycaprolactone. In a surgical procedure on February 9th of last year, the ridged tube-shaped splint was sewn around Kaiba’s airway. This opened up his bronchus immediately, plus it also now serves as a skeleton to guide the proper growth of more rigid cartilage as he matures."
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Read about a library 3-D printer here…

"The race to build the first 3D-printed house has begun. Teams of architects in London and Amsterdam are competing to produce the first habitable printed structure, using technology that could transform the way buildings are made. Though they all have the same objective, the teams are investigating very different materials and fabrication methods.
     The starting pistol was fired by Dutch studio Universe Architecture, who, in January of this year, unveiled designs for a looping two-storey house that resembles a Möbius strip and will be printed on site, in concrete. Shortly after, UK architects Softkill Design announced plans for Protohouse 2.0, a single-storey dwelling with a fibrous structure resembling bone growth. It will be made of plastic and printed in a factory, in sections that are then snapped together on site...
     Universe Architecture is collaborating on its Landscape House with Italian robotics engineer Enrico Dini, inventor of an extremely large-format 3D printer that uses sand and a chemical binding agent to create a stone-like material. Dini's machine, called D-Shape, is the largest 3D printer in the world. Located in a warehouse near Pisa, it looks like a stage-lighting rig and works like a laser-sintering machine, but with sand instead of nylon powder, and chemicals instead of a laser."
deZine Magazine

"Not sure what to ask for from your guy for Christmas? Tell him you want a dildo modeled out of a 3D printout of his penis for those lonely nights when he's out of town.
   Yes, it's a thing: 3DEA—a new pop-up (ha!) shop in NYC—is now offering the service. It's pretty simple: Your guy gets a quick tutorial, then hops in the booth for a quick penis photo shoot. A 3D model is then created from the photos and shipped off to New York Toy Collective and the pros there create the one-of-a-kind dildo."
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