Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dactyls on the Grand

Illustration: Ian Turner

"Join the Fish Quill Poets on June 15, the day before they launch their canoes from the low-level bridge in the Gorge Park [Elora, ON] on their usual 10-day poetry trip down the Grand River.
     They will be performing with the Good Hearted Women Singers, who will dance, sing, and drum.
     We [the Elora Poetry Centre] are also bringing the New York School poet and art critic Bill Berkson to Elora Oct. 4 & 5... As you can see from these and our previous events, we are promoting international poetry [and] making the literary scene in Centre Wellington even more vibrant and diverse."
— Daniel Bratton, Elora Poetry Centre

Find out more about the Fish Quill Poets here and on their Facebook page.

See a profile of Daniel Bratton, and learn about "Beaver House," the future home of the Elora Poetry Centre here...

From: Blue Press Books

"Born in New York in 1939, Bill Berkson is a poet, critic, teacher and sometime curator, who has been active in the art and literary worlds since his early twenties….
     He is the author of some twenty books and pamphlets of poetry, including Gloria, a portfolio of poems with etchings by Alex Katz (Arion Press, 2005); Our Friends Will Pass Among You Silently (The Owl Press, 2007); Goods and Services (Blue Press, 2008); Portrait and Dream: New & Selected Poems (Coffee House Press, 2009); and Lady Air (Perdika, 2010).
     His poems have also appeared in many magazines and anthologies."
The Poetry Foundation
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Buy all of Bill Berkson's books here...

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