Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

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"The Frankfurt International Book Fair, in October every year and stands out to be the largest and the most significant in the literary world. The book fair is a meeting place for publishers, authors, distributors and multimedia companies to discuss the publishing rights and licensing fees. The exhibition takes place in a multi hall with over 2, 99,000 guests from 90 countries."
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"Organisers of the world's biggest book fair in Germany warned Tuesday against the domination of Internet giants as the publishing world grapples to blend old and new forms of reading.
     Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, urged the need to maintain diversity in what people read and publish, adding that Amazon, Apple and Google were 'logistics magicians but are not publishers.'
     'There's no passion there,' he told reporters, ahead of the fair's official inauguration later Tuesday before it opens its doors Wednesday.
     He warned that to maintain diversity, technical standards, such as payment systems that influence the way people read and access content, should be designed to serve customers. 'Technical standards are tools. They must be designed to serve people and their needs, not the other way around.' He said companies such as Apple and Amazon were 'machines for customer retention.'
     But he stressed that international publishing was not 'paralysed with fear' and was fighting back with innovations, while smaller, independent book shops are also developing new ways to entice customers."
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