Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Hallowe'en Alice

"Grimm Fairy Tales Alice in Wonderland Alice Action Figure:
Sculpted by none other than Clayburn Moore, this stunningly beautiful Grimm Fairy Tales Alice in Wonderland Alice Action Figure stands 6-inches tall, features multiple points of articulation, and comes with White Rabbit, a croquet mallet, and potion bottle accessories. As a special bonus, each figure will include a copy of Zenescope's sold-out Wonderland #1 comic book, with an exclusive cover available only with this figure. Don't miss this gorgeous debut figure to begin your Zenescope action figure collection! Ages 14 and up."
Entertainment Earth

The collecting of Action Figures has become another escape from the strictures of daily life. Like cosplay (see post below) it allows adults to return to "childish ways." Maybe it's a reaction to all the structured activities that seem to have dominated the agenda of parents in recent decades.

"Interest in play is very much on the upswing among psychologists, educators, and the general public, according to [Peter] Gray. 'People are beginning to realize that we have gone too far in the direction of teaching children to compete,' he said. 'We have been depriving children of the normal, noncompetitive forms of social play that are essential for developing a sense of equality, connectedness, and concern for others.'
    Gray stressed that the kind of 'play' that helped hunter-gatherer children develop into cooperative adults is similar to the sort of play that at one time characterized American children's summers and after-school hours in contemporary culture. This play is freely chosen, age-mixed, and, because it is not adult-organized, non-competitive, he said. This 'free play' is distinct from leisure pursuits such as video games, watching TV, or structured extracurricular activities and sports."
Science Daily
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