Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The EWF Writing Competition: We’re taking a break

"Thanks to all those writers who have contributed in the past to the EWF Writing Competition. In case you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen any information about entering the contest this year, here's the scoop: we're taking a break.
     Our writing contest has slowly been taking on a life of its own, growing to include eight categories - poetry and prose for four age groups - which all need judging, prizes, presentations, marketing and more. The administrative duties have grown, as have the expenses in postage, prizes and volunteer time. The organizing committee has decided to streamline the entire Festival this year, and we're putting any sponsorship money towards the Festival itself, which is, after all, where the focus should be.
     The increasingly unwieldy contest needs a renewal, and this just isn't the year to do it. We've decided to step back, take a break, and find a new Chair or (I hope) Chairs/committee to re-invent the writing contest for our 20th Anniversary next season.
     Writers of all ages – and the teachers and parents who have supported our young writers, especially – we thank you for your efforts and contribution. Please don't run away! The new Contest Chair(s) will be reaching out to you next year.
     As the outgoing Contest Chair, I very much appreciate the contribution you have made to the EWF Writing Competition and the support you've given me in my role over the past six years. Stay tuned – and keep on writing!"
— Jean Mills, Contest Chair

This year the Elora Writers' Festival will bring a more accessible tone to an event that is already renown for its intimacy. In previous years we have allowed attendees to purchase a value-added, DINNER ticket that provided for a reception and sit-down meal with our six authors.
     This year every member of the audience will get to break bread, clink a glass and "schmooze" with the authors.
     So join us on Sunday, May 26 and top off a relaxing afternoon of readings by six of Canada's finest authors with an informal reception; replete with appetizers, rollicking conversation and fine Canadian wine.

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