Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Past Perfect


"[..] as I step inside the door, a shelf to my left offers a clue: Amish romance novels, all with covers depicting lovely Amish-clad M├Ądchen hovering over pastoral landscapes, line the shelves. A handwritten note on neon green paper taped to one shelf says, 'New! Lydia’s Charm.' Published by Barbour Books, the novel tells the gentle story of a widow who moves to Charm, Ohio, and is pursued by two Amish suitors, one a widower with three unruly boys and the other a shy bachelor. Lydia’s Charm is joined by Amish novels published by Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, Bethany House, Revell, Harvest House, and other evangelical houses.
     Most of these books, I discovered, were in fact written not by Amish authors but by evangelical Christians."
— Valerie Weaver-Zercher, Los Angeles Review of Books

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