Thursday, November 17, 2011

Divine Comedy

From: Cover Browser

"Germany's biggest Catholic-owned publishing house has been rocked by disclosures that it has been selling thousands of pornographic novels with titles such as Sluts Boarding School and Lawyer's Whore with the full assent of the country's leading bishops.
     The revelations made in the publishing-industry newsletter Buchreport concern Weltbild, a company with an annual €1.7bn (£1.5bn) turnover and 6,400 employees. It is Germany's largest bookseller after Amazon and wholly owned by the Catholic Church.
     Buchreport revealed that Weltbild's massive assortment of titles available to customers online includes some 2,500 'erotic' books with unmistakably lewd titles including Call Me Slut!, Take Me Here, Take Me Now! and Lawyer's Whore, to name a few. The publisher's website also pictures the titles' lascivious dust jackets that feature colour photographs of scantily clad women in high heels and erotic underwear."— Tony Paterson, The Independent

"PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (AP) The ballad 'Danny Boy' has long been played at funerals, wakes and memorial services, its mournful strains conjuring up images of Ireland’s green pastures and wind-swept hills. New York Fire Chief Peter Ganci, killed in the World Trade Center attack, actor Carroll O’Connor and John F. Kennedy Jr. all were laid to rest with the plaintive melody.
     So when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence banned 'Danny Boy' and other secular songs from funeral Masses, it raised the ire of Irish-Americans. 'I want Danny Boy sung at my funeral Mass and, if it isn’t, I’m going to get up and walk out,' retired Pawtucket police officer Charlie McKenna wrote in April to The Providence Visitor" — Anorak

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