Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Baksheesh?

Photo: Michael Hale

"Having already done three book-signing events at Saskatoon’s McNally Robinson bookstore in support of his regional bestseller, The Saskatchewan Book of Musts, author D. Grant Black balked when asked to pay a $25 fee prior to appearing at a fourth, pre-Christmas signing this month. [...]
     Although squeezed booksellers are under increasing pressure to 'make events revenue-bearing,' bookstore owner Paul McNally said in an interview, the $25 appearance fee is not a response. 'It’s not a fee,' he explained, rather a share of the costs involved in promoting events. 'And we’ve been doing it for a million years.'
     Other booksellers expressed surprise at the practice. Chapters/Indigo stores 'encourage author participation wholeheartedly,' company spokeswoman Janet Eger said in an e-mail, 'and do not charge publicity fees to host.' " John Barber, The Globe and Mail

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