Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Mavens Everywhere…

"Living the Dream." Several boxes of books commemorating Martin Luther
King Jr. found in the Detroit Public Schools’ Roosevelt Warehouse, where tens
of thousands of other textbooks and countless other supplies have sat rotting
for more than two decades. — Text & photos: James Griffioen, Vice

"On Monday, November 7, 2011 Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in attendance at one of New York City’s top cultural and social events: The New York Public Library’s Library Lions gala. The individuals honored as Library Lions are, according to, 'distinguished individuals who have made significant cultural and educational achievements to increase our understanding of the world around us.' The 2011 honorees included such literary luminaries as Tony Kushner, Isabel Wilkerson, Jonathan Franzen, Stacy Schiff, Ian McEwan, and the songwriter Natalie Merchant.
     On Monday, November 15, 2011 the books of many of those Library Lions mingled with broken shelves, ripped tents, and smashed computers in the aftermath of the raid on Zuccotti Park. The raid, authorized by Mayor Bloomberg, saw, among other things, the OWS People’s Library thrown in the trash. Perhaps, as Mayor Bloomberg enjoyed the library festivities on the 7th he was already planning the action that would destroy a different library on the 15th, or perhaps he was just enjoying the photo opportunity as he exchanged pleasantries with the authors who he held in high enough esteem as to have their works tossed into garbage trucks."
— Xeni Jardin, bOING bOING

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