Sunday, May 22, 2016

Announcing the 2016 EWF Short Story Contest winners!

It all started here...
We received almost 100 entries to our contest this year, and our judges have spent the last six weeks reading, considering, evaluating and making their selections.

Finally, the decisions have been made and here they are, the winners of the 2016 EWF Short Story Contest:

In the YOUTH category (age 14 and under)
(Judges: Lisa Dalrymple, Lisa MacColl, Kira Vermond)

First Prize
Madeline Vukovic for Dear World

Second Prize
Becca Swan for The Journey

Third Prize
J. Zimmerman for The Most Colourful Climbing Tree

The final round of judging also included:

Jiya Gangwani Believe
Joshua Doupe I Am an Orange
Jonah Doupe One Cold Day
Benjamin Richards 240 Hours
Turner Duldhart Opportunity Knocks
Mariana Lalla My Family

In the TEEN category (age 15-19)
(Judges: Heather Wright, Heather Debling)

First Prize
Eric Bernhardt for October’s Storm

Second Prize
Candice Rubie for Gloves

Third Prize
Hunter Gutman for Itch

The final round of judging also included:

Cate Newman In Search of the Elusive Moonflower
Madeline Burgess It’s Not a Mistake
Sammy Beynon Stalemate
A.C. Franklin Reflections
Emma Chiera Advancements

In the ADULT category (age 20 and older)
(Judges: Bieke Stengos, Lisa McLean, Francis Baker, Michael Hale)

First Prize
Tammy Gilbert for If You’re Gonna Live

Second Prize
Vera Constantineau for Searching for Peace

Third Prize
Melanie Scott for Jump

The final round of judging also included:

David S. Cross White
Mary Steer Miracle at IKEA
Katrine Raymond Fifteen Minutes
Lisa MacColl A Day at the Park
Marion Reidel The Diagnosis
Kim Murray The School Bus Graveyard
Lori Twining Seashells, Swans and Ice Cream

Congratulations to the contest winners, and a special thank-you to our hard-working judges.

Thanks also to our two sponsors, The Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington (Youth category), and the Elora Arts Council (Teen category), two organizations which join us in recognizing the importance of supporting and encouraging young writers.

During the intermission of the 2016 Elora Writers’ Festival on Sunday, May 29 (1-4 p.m.), any winners in attendance will receive their prizes – along with a big round of applause from the Festival audience and authors.

And speaking of the Festival authors, here’s our fantastic line-up, in case you missed it:

J.M. FreyThe Untold Tale (Fantasy and beyond – think “ComicCon goes wild”)
Dietrich KalteisThe Deadbeat Club  (Gritty crime thriller of the noir persuasion)
Douglas GibsonAcross Canada by Story  (Behind the scenes with some of Canada’s favourite authors)
Pamela Mordecai Red Jacket (Joyful Caribbean heart and voice)
Terry FallisPoles Apart (Feminism rules! But wait a minute….)

Please join us! You can reserve and pick up tickets at Roxanne's Reflections Book and Card Shop in Fergus (Phone 519-843-4391) or by ordering online through the Theatre on the Grand box office (find the link to their ticketing website, here.)