Monday, May 25, 2015

Festival 2015: Great stories, great moments - and a great big cake!

You had to be there.

The authors shared stories and read to us. The audience laughed - and cried, too. Prizes were awarded to contest winners, wine was drunk, finger foods were devoured, questions were asked and answered. And there was even a birthday cake!

But that's just the short version.

If you were one of the lucky participants at the 21st Elora Writers' Festival, which took place yesterday (May 24) at the Wellington Country Museum and Archives in Aboyne, Ont., you know what a rich and rewarding afternoon it was for everyone in attendance.

Thank you Barbara Kyle, for sharing your research adventures (who knew that men could walk and pee at the same time?). And Clifford Jackman, for your advice to budding writers ("Don't do it. And if that's enough to stop you, you probably shouldn't be a writer"). And Kim Moritsugu for a story about a family adventure that made us laugh, and Tasneem Jamal for for a story about a family adventure that made us cry. And Michael Hale for taking us to other dimensions. And Ian Hamilton for spending your birthday - and the kick-ass Ava Lee - with us. (Yes, there was cake. A really, really, big cake!)

Our committee - Patricia Reimer, David Campbell, Roxanne Beale (resident bookseller and Mistress of Ceremonies extraordinaire!), Marilyn Kleiber, Dave Beynon and Jean Mills - thanks our generous sponsors and supporters, as well as our featured authors and our wonderful guests for another afternoon to remember.

Stay tuned for news about Festival 2016!

In the meantime, here's a taste of Festival 2015...

We're ready for Barbara Kyle, Clifford Jackman, Kim Moritsugu...

...Michael Hale, Tasneem Jamal and Ian Hamilton!
(With thanks to our friends at Little Tree Garden Market for
the beautiful floral arrangements around the hall!)

Roxanne Beale (left), our resident bookseller and Mistress of Ceremonies,
finalizes the Festival Bookshop with assistant, Mimi

Author Kim Moritsugu heads into Aboyne Hall, as guests check in
at the ticket table, under the watchful eye of EWF Committee
member Patricia Reimer (left)

And there's Ian Hamilton, already chatting with fans!

Barbara Kyle, author of The Traitor's Daughter, shares stories of research
and adventure - and acorns and pinecones, too...

Cliff Jackman, author of The Winter Family, takes
us to a wild, wild West...

Kim Moritsugu, author of the Oakdale Dinner Club, knows how to
make the most of a well-placed potato bug...
Want to buy a book and have the author sign it? Yup. We've got
that covered (as Barbara Kyle and a happy fan demonstrate during
the intermission)

Tasneen Jamal (left), author of Where the Air is Sweet,  chills with some fans
 (including husband, Craig Daniels) during the intermission...

...and then she sends chills down our spines with the
brave story of her family's adventure in Africa

Michael Hale, author of A Fold in the Tent of the Sky,
takes us to some other dimensions

Ian Hamilton, author of The Water Rat of Wanchai and seven other
Ava Lee mysteries, takes us into the world of Chinese Triads
and a heroine who gets the job done

And then we all celebrate with a chorus of Happy Birthday, and....
... a cake! (Which we all shared. Yum!)

Michael Hale offers advice to budding writers
during the Q&A session, led by EWF Committee member, Dave Beynon

Cliff Jackman's advice to budding writers: "Don't do it.
And if that's enough to stop you, you probably shouldn't
be a writer."

Kim Moritsugu (in her third visit to our Festival!) shares her insights into the
life of a writer - and makes us laugh!

The Elora Writers' Festival - we're small, and intimate,
and friendly, and fun. And you won't
go home hungry, either. Just ask any of our authors and guests.
Maybe you'll be in this photograph next year....?

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