Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Jarvis and Dundas—the epicentre of skid row"

“Hugh Garner’s second novel, Waste No Tears, hit drug store and train station spinner racks in July of 1950—then disappeared, never to see print again… until now. This is the latest release from Ricochet Books, a series of vintage noir mysteries edited by Brian Busby.
     The book's introduction, by Amy Lavender Harris, appears below:

Toronto the Good—the straitlaced 'City of Churches' where public drinking was prohibited and playground swings padlocked on Sundays—receives a far darker rendering in Hugh Garner’s Waste No Tears, a novel set in the bars, bedrooms and abortion clinics of Toronto’s skid row district. Pitched as 'The Novel about the Abortion Racket,' Waste No Tears peels back the city’s thin veneer of respectable civility to reveal a far seamier underside—albeit one with its own covert morality.”
— Kerry Clare, 49th Shelf
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