Friday, January 17, 2014

chop shop

“…Book Contour, a six-foot mountainous horizon of shredded paperbacks.”
by artist Leah Frankel (from: CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW)

“Slicebooks, a web service publishers use to create new custom content by slicing and remixing ebooks, has just launched the new Slicebooks Store in private beta. The Slicebooks Store features ebooks 'whole or by the slice' and offers the world’s first eBook Remixer. For the first time, teachers, trainers, students, travelers or any ebook customer can mix and match content from various books and instantly create their own custom ebook.
     'No other ebook store in the world offers content in this way,' said Jill Tomich, Slicebooks CEO. 'Over 200 publishers have signed up for Slicebooks publishing services. We designed the Slicebooks Store both to give publishers a marketplace for their sliced and remixed content, and to give their customers a way to purchase it and create their own remixes…'”
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