Tuesday, December 3, 2013

on the road in the 21st century

Photo: Nolan Conway (via Huffington Post)

“If you spend a lot of time on the road you may be familiar the unconventional Walmart policy allowing passengers to sleep in its parking lots. Photographer Nolan Conway delved into this American communal camping ground, capturing the faces and temporary homes of Walmart's contemporary nomads. […]
     The parked cars, packed full of belongings and memories, are a€œn unorthodox portrait of American life. "We sold everything we have and decided to find, as we put it, our American dream," photo subject Josiane Simpson told Conway.
     Yet not all of Conway's subjects were so optimistic. ‘There seemed to be a lot of people with mental disorders,’ Conway explained. ‘Many of them seemed to be sad and lonely a little bit, and being out there by myself I began to feel really similarly. But the stories were always really interesting.’”
Huffington Post
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“Based on a true story, Out There is a work of documentary fiction that begins by tracing Dr. Dee’s descent into homelessness. We are with her as she discovers the Rules of the Street: how to panhandle, how to feed herself from dumpsters, how to run from fights, how to find places to sleep.”
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