Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Donut Queen

From: Found in Mom's Basement

There's a short story here somewhere...
My mother was crowned Donut Queen when I was seven years old and what seems to stick in my mind has nothing to do with the cat that ended up dead that day or the mailman who started living in our backyard two weeks later.
     It's the bag of donuts she brought home, along with the trophy and the framed certificate, and her saying as soon as she came through the door "I never want to see another goddam donut as long as I live." That and the sound of the garbage can lid coming down on top of all them fresh donuts and my brother and me just standing there thinking how sticky fresh donuts can come and go in a flash…

You can take it from here if you want, or start off on your own. Whatever you do, have fun.
Michael Hale

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