Friday, September 21, 2012


Photo: Michael Hale

"Fellow fiction writers,
     Let's be frank: we're not the healthiest-minded bunch. If we were we'd spend our days doing something more pleasant than writing fiction. But lately we seem to have taken a turn for the worse. We look out at the shifting landscape of publishing—e-books rising, big publishers quaking—and obsessively ask, both publicly and privately, Is the novel dead? Is it all Fifty Shades of Twilight from here on out? Are we going the way of the poets, soon to be read by only each other? [...]
     Irritable. Pessimistic. Beset by feelings of worthlessness. There's a term for this pattern of emotions. It's called 'depression.' We, as fiction writers, are collectively depressed. We might not be depressed as individuals; but we have become depressed as a group."
— Yael Goldstein Love, Huffington Post

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