Saturday, May 10, 2014

not just a slip of the tongue

“The Idler Academy, an offshoot of the magazine which offers courses in everything from philosophy to ukulele playing, has announced the shortlist for its 2014 Bad Grammar award, set up to highlight 'the incorrect use of English by people and institutions who should know better.'
     The shortlist is headed by Tesco, for using 'less' not 'fewer' in reference to numbers on loo-roll packaging – 'Same Luxury. Less Lorries' – and for describing its orange juice as 'most tastiest.'"
The Guardian
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“[…] should grammar be prescriptive or descriptive? In other words, should we all adhere to a set of hard rules from the 16th century or should we just blunder along, let language take its course and assume we know what each other means? Obviously, the answer lies between those two extremes.
     […] One doesn't need to be Thomas Gradgrind to be interested in the rules underlying the English language, or to believe that good communication and understanding depend on clarity. Grammar is not just about learning sentence construction: it's about speaking clearly and plainly and cutting through obfustication. But even aside from that, and most importantly of all, good grammar will help you get laid.”
— Hadley Freeman, The Guardian
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