Friday, July 22, 2011

Curvature of the Spine

Photo: design345

"With the e-book revolution upending the publishing business, Madeline McIntosh, the president of sales, operations and digital for Random House, stood at the lectern on the opening day [of the Columbia Publishing Course] in June, projecting a slide depicting the industry as a roller coaster, its occupants frozen in motion at the top of a steep loop.
[...]'You never know what’s going to happen,' Carolyn Pittis, the senior vice president of global author services at HarperCollins, told a packed room of students several days into the course. 'So it’s very exciting for those of us who spent many years when a lot of things didn’t happen.'
[...] In the past year, e-books have skyrocketed in popularity, especially in genre fiction like romance and thrillers. For some new releases, the first week has brought more sales of electronic copies than of print copies."— Julie Bosman, The New York Times

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