Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boom Books

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"Call them the Big Five. Game hunters have their wish-list of trophy animals, and rock music has its own – the elite group of rock stars yet to be bagged for publishing deals. This month, after HarperCollins snapped up the autobiography of Pete Townshend of the Who after a bidding war, publishers' sights are firmly set on the few remaining major talents to have held back from a book deal. Paul McCartney, Elton John, Robert Plant and Bruce Springsteen are on that list, but at the top for many in the book industry is David Bowie. [...]
     Music writer Luke Bainbridge says the appetite for these [Big Five] books is enormous. 'It is because you have got a set of rock stars and of fans who have reached the right age. These are the bands doing the classic album tours, whether it is Primal Scream or Suede.'" — Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer

"One of the hottest properties making the rounds at that annual festival of literary wheeling and dealing, the Frankfurt Book Fair [2010], isn't some tome by the hot young author du jour. It's a hard-to-classify work of nonfiction by a veteran rock star. Call it a book oddity.
     To hear it from reports coming out of Frankfurt over the last four days, David Bowie's mysterious secret project, Bowie: Object, has been generating a hive of buzz.[...] 'We still don't want to give too much away just yet, suffice to say that David Bowie has been working on a book called Bowie: Object, ' a post on the [Publishers Weekly] site reads." — all about jazz

"Bowie: Object features 100 fascinating items that give an insight into the life of one of the most unique music and fashion icons in history. The book's pictorial content is annotated with insightful, witty and personal text written by Bowie himself." —

(Note: David Bowie's book Bowie: Object has yet to appear on bookstore shelves. But when it does, go here to get it.)

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