Saturday, July 16, 2011

"80 percent of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year." — Erma Bombeck

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"The Xinhua Dictionary [1953], a Chinese-character dictionary well-known to most Chinese people, saw its 400-millionth copy roll off the press when its tenth edition was published [51 years later] at the beginning of 2004." — People's Daily Online

Next on the list of all-time best sellers is A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens, 1859); it took 145 years to reach the 200 million mark.

"Religious books, especially the Bible and the Qur'an, are probably the most-printed books, but it is nearly impossible to find reliable figures about them. Many copies of the Bible and the Qur'an are printed and given away free, instead of being sold. The same goes for some political books, like the works of Mao Zedong or Adolf Hitler." — Wikipedia

Designers: Sha De'an (啥德安); Li Yang (李阳)

"To love the country one must first know its history - the deeper the knowledge, the more eager the love."
Aiguo shouxian yao zhiguo - zhi zhi yu shen, ai zhi yu qie (爱国首先要知国 - 知之愈深, 爱之愈切)

Publisher: Zhejiang renmin meishu chubanshe (浙江人民美术出版社)

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