Thursday, March 29, 2012

"You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind." — Author Unknown

Maunuscript by J.G. Ballard (from: A Piece of Monologue)

"There are some writers who wouldn’t dream of entering a writing competition. They consider such things beneath their dignity. I’ve even come across someone who refused to take part in competitions because 'someone has to lose.' My response to this would be 'someone has to win, and it might be you. But if you don’t enter, you certainly won’t win.'
     My own feeling is that writing for a competition is helpful for these reasons:
• You have to write to a word limit.
• You have a deadline to meet.
• You often have to write on a given topic.
• Even if your work is not among the winning entries you have a finished story article or poem that you can adapt for another market
     [...] I should come clean and say I haven’t won lots of writing competitions. I seem to get to the runner-up stage quite often, but don’t make the big time. Of course prizes in writing competitions are not always in the form of cash. You might win a holiday, a place on a writing course in some exotic location or as I did many years ago you might win a lavatory seat!"
— Mary Hodges, Daily Writing Tips

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