Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Step, One Word at a Time...

Photo: Tristan Mills (Tombstone Territorial Park, 2010)

Once more it's time to take advantage of the blank page we call the "New Year" and resolve to take all those scraps of thoughts and snippets of ideas that we know, deep in our souls, will one day turn into poems or short stories and commit them to paper.
     The 9th annual Elora Writers' Festival Writing Competition is up and running—so you now have a deadline to aim for: Friday, April 27, 2012. The theme of this year's competition is "A Journey."
     On your mark, get set, go...

     Have you had trouble accessing contest information? We've fixed it: find the links to all the info you need here... at Writer's Life, the blog of Contest Chair, Jean Mills.

     For tips on taking that first step go here...
     And here are some other articles that might help you get going: Start by starting... ; And now a word from our Judges... ; The Job of Writing; and "You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind." — Author Unknown

For information about the 2013 competition, go here...

          If you have even more questions, contact our Competition Chair Jean Mills at


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