Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exotic Spices

From: ABEbooks

"The great film director's [Erich von Stroheim] first book [1935], a novel about Hungarian Gypsy life, written when he was down on his luck, wearing out his welcome in Hollywood after several costly masterpieces which were nevertheless commercial flops.
     This copy wonderfully Inscribed to fellow author Jim Tully, utilizing the entire front fly: 'Worldly goods which you possess — own you and destroy you! Love must be like the blowing wind — fresh and invigorating. Capture the mind within walls and it becomes stale. Open tents — open hearts. Let the wind blow! (Thus runs a Gypsy song.) To Jim Tully, From one bum to another! With affectionate regard, Erich von Stroheim. Please read it! Please like it! Please talk about it! Please write about it! And — please — ask your friends to buy it! (That mortgage comes due soon).'
     Though they apparently never worked on a film together, Tully and von Stroheim clearly traveled in the same circles in Hollywood [...]"

Here's an edition (1952) of Paprika from Harlequin—back before the Winnipeg publisher hit pay dirt with its tried-and-true Romance formula.

For sample pages of the book, go here...

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