Thursday, May 19, 2011

If the world ends on Saturday, Festival dinner tickets are free — reserve yours now!

"Judgment Day is coming this Saturday, May 21, beginning at 6 p.m., according to Harold Camping, the president of the Christian broadcaster Family Radio. Could he be wrong? He wouldn't be the first. Here are five failed Judgment Day predictions [...] — from The Christian Science Monitor. Read more...

"All over New York, preachers armed with T-shirts, brochures, books and posters are preaching the end of the world. Using a complex numerical calculation from the Bible, there are even advertisements on the New York city subway warning of the 'great earthquake' that accompanies the advent of Judgement Day." Read more...

"In about five billion years the sun will run out of hydrogen, which will upset its self-regulating equilibrium; in its death-throes it will swell, and this planet will vaporise."
The Washington Post

See you at the Elora Writers' Festival, rain (of molten lava) or shine on Sunday, May 29 — get your tickets here.

Painting: Last Judgement Triptych (right inner wing)
by Hieronymus Bosch (after 1482)

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