Monday, May 16, 2011

Devourable Books

"Do you know how people say that they read cookbooks like novels? For the most part the recipes in this one are ones that I'd rather read than cook (The sauteed brain balls that went into the mock turtle soup weren't a big hit with the dinner-party guests, either, apparently.)"
— about Fannie's Last Supper by Chris Kimball (from books as food)

"[...] slices of goose or duck reposing on a mattress of thick apple sauce above the canape, or partridge breasts resting on softly-mashed potatoes and some mushrooms buttered, grilled and added piping hot. Even the familiar slice of roast mutton from the family joint would acquire additional merit if supplemented by a creamy layer of mashed turnips, and nice little pile of capers or a soubise sauce to add zest. All these might appear as off-shoots from the family dinner."
— from Kitchen Essays by Agnes Jekll (1921)

As the day of the Elora Writers' Festival draws nearer (Sunday, May 29) we always look forward to not only an afternoon of stimulating and thought-provoking words from our roster of fine writers (every year you come away from the Festival with the sense that the readings were magically orchestrated into one, transcendent narrative, somehow) but also the wonderful dinner that rounds off the day: fantastic food and seemingly endless bottles of wine that fuel fertile conversation and good old-fashioned companionship.

And 2011 will be no exception. Our chef this year is Derek Roberts of Frabert's Fresh Food of Fergus. Needless to say, tickets are becoming scarce. The best way to banish disappointed is to phone Roxanne's Reflection at 519-843-4391 and reserve your tickets now.

$60.00 gets you an afternoon of readings by six authors: Scotiabank Giller Prize winner Johanna Skibsrud and Governor General's Award winner Richard Greene; Sarah Selecky; Alison Pick; Cynthia Holz and Nicholas Ruddock...

Appetizers, fine wine, a wonderful dinner; and conversation with some of Canada's — and the world's — finest writers. And if the weather holds up, a stroll through the gardens of the Wellington County Museum & Archives.

Don't forget... May 29 is also the day of the Food Cycle Ride. Proceeds from the ride will support Centre Wellington Food Bank programmes. Calories off in the morning; food for thought in the afternoon; and calories back on in the evening — who could ask for a better day than that?

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