Wednesday, February 27, 2019

This is farewell...

BOOKS & BEER: THE FINALE was a wonderful celebration of 25 years of the Elora Writers Festival: Festival favourite Terry Fallis, generous sponsor Wellington Brewery, a book-loving audience that included past EWF authors, committee members (among them, the Festival's founder, Ailsa Kay) not to mention our loyal fans.

And to top it off, funds raised for a donation to the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington's early literacy program. 

As we pack up for the last time, we thank you all for supporting the Elora Writers Festival for the past 25 years!

Ready to go!

Serena ready to sell lots of books!

And we're off!

And we're laughing already!

Book signing...

And more book signing...

MC Dave Beynon chats with Ailsa Kay, the founder of
the Elora Writers Festival (Words by the Water)
25 years ago

Thank you to our past authors, guests, writing contest entrants and judges, sponsors and supporters, media partners, volunteers and committee members. It's been a wonderful 25-year ride, but we're going for a break now.

Our last words to you are these:

Please support Canadian authors and books! 

Please encourage children to read and to write!

Please continue to celebrate, in any way you can, books, authors, reading and writing!



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