Friday, September 9, 2011

Worth Repeating

"This summer, my 53rd, I discovered repetitive novel reading again. Two things happened: I went to see the Coen Brother's revival of True Grit, loved the dialog, and resolved to read the novel [by Charles Portis]. I also went on a book tour for five months where insomnia in a new hotel or guest bedroom was my constant threat.
What a discovery. I could not get enough of Mattie Ross's opening lines --  'People do not give it credence that a fourteen-year-old girl could leave home and go off in the wintertime to avenge her father's blood but it did not seem so strange then, although I will say it did not happen every day.'" — Susie Bright, Huffington Post

"[Charles] Portis began writing in college, for both the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville student newspaper, Arkansas Traveler, and the Northwest Arkansas Times. One of his tasks was to redact the colorful reporting of 'lady stringers' in the Ozarks, a task credited as a source for the vivid voice which he created years later for his character Mattie Ross in True Grit." — Wikipedia

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